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With the increased attention being given to security concerns in today’s highly-volatile environment, we realize that our company has a stake not only in the governance process but also for safeguarding social well-being. Maintaining an ethical and secure culture is integral to what we offer and for the overall benefit of the Malaysian public.

Our aim is to position our company to be ready for an intensified business focus but with the needs of our customers in mind.   Security is a long-term business which requires consistency of purpose in the development of both our policies and our capabilities. Our vision, a dynamic one, remains valid and strong till this day.

We hope you will find our website information and if you have any further enquiries on Magnus Force Sdn Bhd and its operations, do feel free to connect with us on our CONTACT US page.

Thank you and we hope to serve you well!

Foreword by Chairman

Captain Dato' Azizul Rahman RMN (ret)



Licensed by Kementerian Dalam Negeri Malaysia (KDN) to provide security services and to carry out private investigations

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